Expression Alert: Xmas Booth!

It’s that time year again – when the embarrassing jumpers come out, shoppers go crazy and we all eat far too much chocolate. And to celebrate Christmas in true Urturn fashion, we’ve created a fun and festive new Expression. Say hello to the Xmas Booth!


Hop inside the booth and you’ll find a selection of Christmassy stickers, including reindeer ears, gingerbread men, and, of course, the classic Santa hat. To get started just select the Xmas Booth Expression, add your own picture, and add as many stickers as you want! Think of it as a little Christmas gift from us ;)

So go ahead, #Christmasify yourself! It’s your turn…


Demi Lovato’s #NeonLights lights up Urturn!

It may be winter, but things are looking rather bright on Urturn, where American songstress Demi Lovato has just launched her very own #NeonLights Expression!

To mark the release of her new single called – yep, you guessed it - Neon Lights, Demi wants you to become the star of her bold and bright artwork. Just take a selfie and watch yourself go neon, and a clip of her new tune will also appear. Magical!

Now here’s the exciting part – Demi Lovato is going to personally pick her fave post and invite one lucky user to join her in an exclusive Google Hangout. Cool huh? Over seven thousand Lovatics have already used her illuminating Expression and now it’s your turn!

Try out the Neon Lights Expression now!


Movember: Take a #MoSelfie on Urturn!

November is upon us, which can only mean one thing – *drumroll please*…. It’s MOVEMBER time!

To raise awareness of men’s health we’ve developed a super cool Movember Expression, which allows you to take your very own #MoSelfie and track your stache’s progress. But if you can’t grow a Mo, no worries, just select one of our ready-made stickers and slap on a tash of your choice.

As well as raising awareness for men’s health, we also want to raise money for this Mowesome cause, so team Urturn will be growing their Mo’s with pride throughout the whole of November. You can help us reach our goal by clicking the ‘Donate’ button on any Movember post, or clicking HERE to donate through our official team page. Feel free to share our page too, the Mo the merrier!

Try out the Movember Expression now! It’s MO turn!



Change Your Life with Iggy Azalea on Urturn!

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Want to change your life? Well, there’s a certain Australian rapper who can help you with that!

All week Iggy Azalea has been calling on fans to star in their own single artwork for her latest track ‘Change Your Life’, by creating her very own ‘Change Your Life’ Expression. To join in the fun all fans need to do is select the Expression, upload their own pic, and it’ll be automatically filtered to match Iggy’s original, complete with the cover text. A little something like this…

Looks awesome huh? And even better, Iggy has been sharing her faves in a dedicated Facebook gallery, so post yours now and you never know where you might end up! Well, we said she could change your life, didn’t we?

Try out the Change Your Life Expression on Urturn now!


Expression alert: Shut Up!

Have you ever wanted to tell someone to just SHUT UP? Yeah, me too. Well now’s your chance to slap some tape on the mouth of that person who needs to give it up already.

Whether Kanye’s had another rant or your parents need to take a chill pill, use our new Shut Up Expression to silence their noise in a second. Just add your pic, move the X over their mouth (and add a few more if you like), and enter your text. Simple! Oh, and it helps if you’ve got the Urturn app, of course :) – if not, get with the times and download it HERE.

Try out the Shut Up Expression now! It’s your turn…


Turners go #Miley crazy!

Miley Cyrus is undoubtedly the guurl of the moment – her controversial VMAs performance drew an astounding 306,100 Tweets per minute, whilst her twerking antics and crazy tongue-out poses continue to cause a storm worldwide. And now the internet frenzy has spread to Urturn, where users are getting creative with some LOL-worthy Miley movements!

Earlier this week Miley launched her very own Bangerz Expression, enabling fans to put themselves smack-bang on the front cover of her highly-anticipated new album. Cool huh? Just take your pic, cut yourself out to fit the shape, stick yourself on the cover and enter your own text. Just like these cool kids…

But the Miley fun doesn’t stop there! Oh no my friends – turners have taken to Urturn to react to her headline-grabbing #WreckingBall video, her #Twerk dance moves and, our most popular, her wild tongue, by sticking a #MileyTongueEverywhere. Because what’s the internet without a little fun?

C’mon! Now its your turn… :)


VERiFiED host #VTAs 2013 on Urturn!

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Drumroll please… Celeb news site VERiFiED have selected Urturn to host their very first Verified Teen Awards 2013! Woohoo!


Using the platform, @VERiFiED have asked their followers to vote for the boyband they think deserves the accolade of ‘Best Use of Social Media’.

All users have to do is post around the band they want to win from the following, using the relevant hashtag:

One Direction #VTAsVote1D
The Wanted #VTAsVoteTW
Union J #VTAsVoteUJ
District 3 #VTAsVoteD3
Kingsland #VTAsVoteKings
Room 94 #VTAsVoteR94

You can use any Expression, plus there’s no limit on the number of times you can vote – all posts equal votes!

Voting is open now until 4pm on Friday September 13th.

So come on, who do you want to win? Its your turn… :)


Trending on Urturn: #MyFutureHusband

Here’s one for the girls (sorry boys!)… Do you dream of walking down the aisle one day to find your biggest crush waiting for you? No? Me neither. But a whole lotta Turners do as they’ve been pointing out the man of their dreams this week for the world to see!


The tag #MyFutureHusband has been used over 400 times, with users eager to point out who they seem themselves saying “I do” to. And who knows, one day they might all end up as Harry Styles’ number one girl!

Join in the #MyFutureHusband movement now. Its your turn..


Top Turner: Company Magazine

Say hello to this week’s Top Turner – the chic and stylish Company Magazine!

Whether it’s a new cover star or a street style snap, Company are great at expressing themselves in fun and engaging ways. Managed by Company’s Web & Social Coordinator Kat Perriam, Company have amassed over 4,000 followers on Urturn since signing up a few months ago.

We love them here at Urturn, but what is it that gets Company turning?

“The best thing about Urturn is that it’s easy and accessible. It’s also a really good tool to get your point across in a fun, engaging way,” said Kat. “Working at Company magazine means that you’re not always sat at your desk. What with press days, London Fashion Week, launches and photo shoots, it’s really handy to just have Urturn just there on your phone so I can use it anytime, anywhere.”

And it seems Company’s style and tech savvy readers love Urturn too! “I love the fact that Company readers are so responsive to new social media,” she said. “The moment something new launches, I can almost guarantee that Company readers want to be the first people on there trying it out.”

Plus, there’s plenty of Expressions relevant to Company’s audience, which appeal to Kat and her followers alike. “I like playing around with the new Expressions that seem to be popping up every day. The Love Expression is relatively new, but probably my favourite at the moment,” she said. “Aside from that I love Bip Ling’s Mooch It – we’re big fans of Bip Ling at Company and this is a really cute and fun little tool to play around with.”

And lastly, how would she describe Urturn? “Fun, engaging, addictive.” We couldn’t agree more :)

Follow Company Magazine on Urturn now! It’s your turn..


Expression Alert: Love

#Love is all around us this week on Urturn as users are trying out our brand new Love Expression!


It’s an easy one to master – all you have to do is take a snap, tap where you want to add cute animated hearts and then post away! You can share your heartfelt post for the world to see on Twitter and Facebook too.

Want to show your friends who you #Love? Give it a go by downloading our app from the Apple app store, or spread the love by clicking here.

Now it’s your turn!